Taper Threads

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OmegaOne manufactures stainless steel hydraulic fittings and adapters in a variety of thread types. We offer two main categories of threads which both perform and seal differently;

  1. Straight or Parallel Threads
  2. Taper Threads 

What is a Taper Thread?

A tapered threaded pipe is commonly used in systems that handle liquids, gasses, steam, and hydraulic fluids. OmegaOne fittings and adapters are manufactured primarily for use in hydraulic systems. 

National Pipe Taper Thread (NPT) for Pipe Fittings

The most common fitting in the United States and Canada is the National Pipe Taper thread or NPT, also known as OmegaPipe. However, a taper thread is a mechanical seal that forms a dry seal. Because of this, taper threads are designed to work in conjunction with a lubricant to help prevent thread galling.

National Pipe Taper Fuel (NPTF) Standard

The National Pipe Taper Fuel(NPTF)standard is designed to provide a better seal than the NPT.  The NPTF thread is commonly referred to as a dry seal thread, which is designed to work optimally without the use of lubricants.

British Standard Pipe (BSP) or British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT) Taper Threads

BSP and BSPT and essentially the same type of thread type, but the main difference is that BSP is not compatible with NPT while BSPT is. Though we do not stock BSP/BSPT as standard, we do produce specials and have limited stock of parts with BSP/BSPT threads.

OmegaOne Taper Threads

Taper threads are part of all OmegaOne fitting product lines. NPT threads are predominant thread type of the OmegaPipe product line. A common connection in this product family is the SAE ORB straight thread fitting. NPT taper threads are also a common connection method with our other lines where the primary connection method is a parallel thread. Both OmegaFlare and OmegaBite are parallel thread fittings with offer a configuration to connect with an NPT taper thread.

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