Custom Metal Hose Wrapped Bands

Flexible Large Diameter Weld Band (AMFM Wrapped Bands)

AMFM Wrapped Bands that compliment Braid Band. Designed initially for larger hoses, over 2” the AMFM Wrapped Band is available for hose sizes from ¾” to 12”. The AMFM Wrapped Band performs the same function as the AMFM Braid Band, retaining a woven braided sleeve over the corrugated metal hose.

The wrapped band is manufactured from stainless steel and provides an overlap of material to help accommodate size variances of the hose and braid depending on manufacturer and braid configuration. The AMFM Wrapped Band or custom metal hose wrapped bands provides formed standard size bands saving your hose prep team valuable time in preparing assemblies for fabrication.

The AMFM Wrapped Band is manufactured primarily from 304 stainless steel, with availability in 316 stainless steel, Copper, and Monel. Wrapped Bands are available in multiple widths, from 1/2″ through 1-1/4″ accommodating different levels of braid coverage. Multiple material weights are offered, light (.028) standard (.048), and heavy (.065). Custom configuration Wrapped Bands with a custom lap are available.

Consult our sales professional with questions regarding the standard and customer AMFM Wrapped Bands.

AMFM Wrapped Bands are available with branding providing critical information about your metal hose assembly.

Bulk Coil

The AMFM Bulk Coil offers a metal hose fabricator as another option for manufacturing large-diameter weld bands.

Bulk Coil is offered in the same material as AMFM Wrapped Bands, 304 and 316 stainless steel as well as Copper and Monel. As with Wrapped Bands, AMFM Bulk Coil is also available in different widths and material types. AMFM Bulk Coil is conveniently packaged with material type, weight, width, and coil length.

AMFM Bulk Coil is available in 50′, 100′, and 300′ increments to suit your stocking needs. The Bulk Coil program allows the fabricator to stock material for custom band fabrication or for material demands which may be inconsistent offering an economical method to have banding material ready to go when those orders require.

Custom Cut Strip is also offered. Consult our sales professional with your questions or custom requirements.

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