AMFM Branding

The AMFM Branding program allows custom imprinting of critical information onto the AMFM Braid Band or Wrapped Band. Branding allows fabricators to imprint their names or other critical information on their metal hose assembly.

The Braid Band and Wrapped Band are permanent bands attached to the hose making them an ideal place for permanently marking the hose. Commonly imprinted information includes company name, phone number, web address, date manufactured assembly ID, working pressure, and other relevant specification information.

Branding Programs

To accommodate varying amounts of information from the smallest AMFM Braid Band to the largest AMFM Wrapped Band type sizes of 1/8 and 3/32 are offered. Band size and width dictate the amount of content and the size of the type. Contact the factory today for a consultation about Branding your metal hose assembly.

Fixed Branding

The Fixed Branding Program allows a customer to establish a single, or series of standard imprints that are easily reordered using a fixed number. This is ideal for information that does not change but is consistently referenced on your hose assemblies, such as company name, phone number, and web address. It is possible to combine flexible features to accommodate standard information which changes, such as date.

The fixed branding program is ideal for a company logo, which is created with a one-time setup charge. The fixed branding program typically offers more options when there is a lot of information to imprint.

Flexible Branding

Flexible branding is typically used to imprint information that is not consistently the same or has a lot of information that changes. With the flexible program, a maximum of two lines are available for imprinting with limits to charters depending on the font size chosen.

Our sales team is capable of working with a customer to establish an ordering process for a flexible set-up which may reoccur frequently.

Contact our sales professionals to consult with your custom imprint for Hose Wrapped Bands and Hose Braid Bands requirements today.

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