Metal Hose Setup

Why Selecting the Right Metal Hose is Essential

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There are a variety of factors that one must consider when preparing to purchase metal hoses for your operating system. Metal hoses are suitable for a variety of different applications and offer unique benefits that non-metal hoses just can’t offer. Metal hoses are able to withstand a wide temperature range […]

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Most Common Applications for O-Ring Face Seals (ORFS) Fittings

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O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings are tube-style thread fittings used to prevent leaks where two tubes or pipes connect. Because of ORFS fittings’ reputation as a top-sealing solution in high-pressure applications, it is used widely across environments that experience intense vibrations. Manufactured in accordance with SAE J1453 standards, OmegaOne’s ORFS fitting […]

How to Reduce Waste with O-Ring Face Seals (ORFS) Tube Fittings

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Whether you’re in marine, petrochemical, or other industrial industries, your equipment often experiences extreme conditions that can add wear and tear over time. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to prevent it, individual parts and entire systems can deteriorate over time, causing leaks. If not identified early enough, these […]

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How to Use STAMPED for an Efficient Hose Assembly

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When it comes to hydraulics, there are a number of components and parts to choose from. Being able to identify the proper hose is essential to ensure quick and accurate quoting from your provider. Using the acronym “STAMPED” eliminates the guesswork while shopping for hydraulic hoses and fittings, ultimately saving […]

Male and female Series 43 and BW Series fittings

4 Common Applications for Series 43 & BW Series Fittings

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Series 43 and Bite to Wire (BW) Series are highly versatile and extremely strong crimp fittings designed to work on both braided hydraulic hoses and some spiral hoses. Serrations “bite” into the wire reinforcement resulting in even hose compression, allowing your equipment to stay connected and functional under the highest-pressure […]