Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Pipe – Pipe Swivel

OmegaOne manufactures stainless steel pipe fittings and adapters made to the NPTF (National Pipe Thread Fuel) and NPSM (National Pile Straight Mechanical) standards defined by ANSI B 1.20.3 and SAE Straight Thread fittings as defined by SAE J514. Standard NPT/F pipe fittings are the most basic level of thread connection. All hose barb and push-on style hose fittings are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel.

Taper Threads

Pipe fittings and adapters use a tapered thread connection to form a mechanical seal. The seal is formed as the male and female threads are tightened together forming a dry seal. The thread angle on an NPT and NPTF thread is 60° that has flattened peaks and valleys which is referred to as a Sellers form. OmegaOne manufactures to the NPTF standard, which is designed to seal better than NPT.

Standard pipe threads offer the most basic connection and are still widely used. Pipe fittings are ideal where systems require high pressure and high temperatures. There are many limitations with pipe fittings. It is not recommended that these fittings be repeatedly assembled and disassembled. The threads are not designed for repetitious use and are not as durable when there is a lot of vibration in the system. Pipe fittings do not allow for adjustability that straight thread fittings offer.

Straight Threads

SAE straight thread fittings, also referred to as O-Ring Boss (ORB) is defined by SAE J514. These fittings have parallel threads and use an O-ring to completely seal. The seal of the fitting occurs when the O-ring is compressed during tightening. Parallel thread fittings are more common than taper thread fittings. Elbow and tee fittings are manufactured with an adjustable bulkhead nut, allowing the fitting position to be adjusted directionally during installation.

Straight thread fittings offer better reusability because they can be removed to service the system and then easily reinstalled. When removing and reassembling a straight thread fitting replacing the O-ring is recommended to ensure the integrity of the fitting in the system. Straight thread fittings perform better in systems with higher vibration than pipe thread fittings.

Pipe Swivel (NPSM)

The NPSM is a female pipe swivel fitting using a parallel thread to guide a seal on a 30° cone inside the swivel nut creating a metal-to-metal seal. The NPSM swivel is designed to mate only with any NPT or NPTF pipe thread fitting as long as the male thread has a 30° champher on the ID of the thread. OmegaOne manufactures our pipe thread fittings with the mating champher to ensure the universal usability of our taper pipe thread fittings.

OmegaOne carries an extensive inventory of standard and non-standard stainless steel pipe fittings (P series stainless steel fittings). We carry common sizes and configurations as well as uncommon “jump” sizes. In addition, OmegaOne carries NPSM, stainless steel pipe swivel fittings (PS series pipe fitting), and stainless steel hose barb, “push-on” style fittings (PL Series fittings).

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207ACBH.........AACAnchor Coupling
P-GCU3474...F5HA0GCUMale NPT to Male Straight Thread
P-HC5000140138GGHCCoupling - or - Union
P-HN5404140137FFHNPipe Nipple/Hex Nipple
P-LHN............Long Pipe Nipple
P-RA5405140139FGRAAdapter/Reducing Adapter
P-PTR5406140140PTRPTRBushing/Pipe Thread Reducer
P-HP5406-P130109EHPHPHex Head Plug
P-CP5406-HP130109NHHPCPHollow Hex Pipe Plug
P-MM5500140237CRMM90° Male Pipe Elbow
P-MF5502140239CDMF90° Street Elbow
P-MF-45°5503140339CD45°MF45°45° Street Elbow
P-FF5504140238DDFF90° Female Elbow
P-FF-45°5505140338DD45°FF45°45° Female Pipe Elbow
P-MMM5600140437RRSMMMMale Pipe Tee
P-FMF5602140424MROFMFMale Run Tee
P-FFM5604140425MMSFFMMale Branch Tee
P-FFF5605140438MMOFFFPipe Tee
P-FSU......G5HG5...Female to Female Hex Pipe Coupling
P-GCM6401090109BF50FGCMPipe to Straight Thread Male Adapter
P-GCF6405140425F50GGCFPipe to Straight Thread Female Adapter
P-GP6408090109AP50NGPStraight Thread Plug
P-CGP6408-H090109BHP50NCGPHollow Hex Straight Thread Plug
P-GCFS6410...F50G5GCFPMale to Female Straight Thread
P-AEOG6805140425AOEGGEFP90° Straight Thread Female Elbow
P-GEF............Female Elbow
PS-C1404140130......Male Pipe Adapter
PS-FC1405140131......Female Pipe Adapter
PS-FE1502140231......Female Pipe Elbow
PS-ME1501140230......Male Pipe Elbow
PS-ME-451503140330......Male Elbow Pipe
PL-JS2111.........Push-On Hose Barb
PL-MP2113.........Push-On Hose Barb
PL-TX2116.........Push-On Hoes Barb
M2HC............Hose Barb Connector