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Company History

OmegaOne is the name AMFM Incorporated conducts business under. AMFM was founded by Robert “Mac” McIntosh. Building off of a prosperous career in the metal hose industry Mac started AMFM Incorporated in 1987.

AMFM pioneered the metal hose industry by developing a product known as the Braid Band. Mac disrupted the metal hose industry by changing the braid band from an item metal hose fabricators made up to an item they purchased. Purchasing this item allowed the time to prepare metal hose for welding to decrease, which dramatically improved efficiency and cost savings.

Mac designed, invented and built his own machines and tooling to manufacture AMFM Braid Bands. With his thorough understanding of the metal hose industry, Mac developed a sales and service process tailored to the needs of his customers. The values Mac instilled in AMFM remain the foundation of the company today.

Working diligently, Mac persisted in his efforts until the AMFM Braid Band was adopted industrywide as the standard band for welding metal hose. Following Mac’s passing in 2002, Morgan R. McIntosh stepped forward to become the company president from his role as operations manager.

AMFM continued growing through expansion into the fitting business. Both the acquisition of a machine shop in 2012 and Omega One, the stainless steel fitting company, in 2013 helped accelerate the steady growth of the company. After successfully transitioning AMFM from its founder, Morgan possessed the necessary experience to succeed Richard Profant, the founder of OmegaOne.

Combined with AMFM Braid Bands, the acquisition of OmegaOne added a full line of stainless steel tube, pipe fittings and adapters. The acquisition re-shored the fitting product line that AMFM previously outsourced. In 2015, the company merged under the brand OmegaOne. The company developed a new logo and brand image to unify products and marketing.

In 2022, OmegaOne was acquired by Stainless Hose Fittings as part of its growth strategy.

All OmegaOne stainless steel fittings and Braid Band manufacturing is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and the company proudly focuses on products Made in the USA.

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