Flareless Fitting

How To Install Hydraulic Flareless Tube Fittings

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Flareless tube fittings are similar to flare fittings in that they offer a solid, high-pressure seal. However, their applications differ. Flare fittings, which have a tapered end that fits into a flared piece of tubing and is secured with a sleeve and threaded nut, are most commonly used to connect […]

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3 Qualities That the Top Manufacturing Partners Have in Common

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Running a successful business cannot be achieved without help from your partners. In manufacturing, companies partner with a range of organizations such as engineers to develop a product’s design, manufacturers to produce items, facilities to package and ship products, and resellers to expand a product’s reach. Choosing who to partner […]

7 Benefits of Branding Your Hose

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If you are an OEM or distributor who supplies metal hose assemblies to a variety of markets and you want to boost awareness of your brand, you should consider branding your hoses. AMFM Branding is a unique service available only from OmegaOne that lets you imprint critical information on the […]

Flare vs. Flareless Fittings — What’s Right for My Application?

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When it comes to making connections, should you use a flare fitting or a flareless fitting? The answer depends on your application. Some applications require flare fittings. And for other applications, a flareless fitting will suffice. Here’s how to determine which fitting to use. Flare fittings A flare fitting has […]

OmegaOne shipping department and customer service

Three Ways OmegaOne Outperforms the Competition

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When you partner with OmegaOne, you join a network of industry experts who are prepared to guide you throughout your search for the perfect fittings solution and provide exceptional service every step of the way. To see how our team stands out against the competition and to learn more about […]