How to meet military specification (MIL-SPEC) stainless-steel fitting requirements

How to meet military specification (MIL-SPEC) stainless-steel fitting requirements

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What is MIL-SPEC?


The U.S. Department of Defense created MIL-SPEC standardization so that hardware and components being supplied to them are reliable, uniform, maintainable, repairable, and compatible. These parts undergo a rigorous, and costly, testing procedure to attain the stringent MIL-SPEC designation.


Who adheres to these standards and why?


In addition to the military, non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and some commercial industries also adhere to these defense standards. These products are required to be military-unique or substantially modified from standard commercial items.


Many manufacturers are not willing or able to undergo what is required to meet this designation. Those who do, hold themselves to a higher level of reliability and quality.


Where do I turn for MIL-SPEC-designated stainless-steel fittings for tubing, pipe, and hose?


OmegaOne can help you to meet your military specification requirements. Our stainless-steel fittings are domestically manufactured, are traceable, and meet the most stringent MIL-SPEC standards, including MIL-F 18866H. For any of the MS515 flare parts series, we can meet your requirements with our OmegaFlare flared tube fittings, and for any of the MS518 flareless parts series, we can provide our OmegaBite flareless bite-type fittings. We actually exceed this requirement because we follow J514, which supersedes MIL-SPEC and is made to an even higher standard.


Sometimes, customers ask us about the passivation of parts. Under MIL-SPEC requirements, when parts are passivated, they needed in the past to follow the AMS 2700, which states nitric passivation. Since we follow SAE J514, which calls out ASTM A967, that uses citric passivation as it is environmentally friendly. Because J514 supersedes AMS 2700, there was a notice for MS numbers issued that states, “AMS 2700 is inactive for new design and is no longer to be used except for replacement purposes. New designs should refer to SAE J514.” That’s something not everyone knows, but we make sure to stay up to date on all MIL-SPEC requirements.


Still have questions about MS fitting requirements?


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