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OmegaOne Flareless Tube Fittings

The Omega flareless fitting is called OmegaBite; an SAE Flareless tube fitting manufactured to the SAE J514 standard. Similar to the OmegaFlare Fitting, the OmegaBite has three components: the body, the ferrule, and the nut. This product line is called the OmegaBite because the fitting body mates with tubing, ferrule (or sleeve) which bites into the tube when the fitting body and nut are tightened together.

Flareless fittings such as the OmegaBite are designed to work with heavier wall tubing. The minimum wall for tubing used with flareless fittings ranged from .028″ to .095″, depending on tube OD.  Tubing made from 304 or 316 stainless steel may be welded, seamless or DOM (Drawn over Mandrel) that is annealed (heated).  

Advantages of OmegaBite

Flaeless fittings are very reliable and good at handling vibrations and higher pressures. OmegaBite fittings are easily serviceable because the integrity of the seal is not compromised when the fitting is taken apart for maintenance and then reassembled. Flareless fittings can work with very heavy wall material where flare fittings work primarily with thinner wall tubing.

Proper installation is very important for this style of fitting.  However, when properly installed, flareless fittings are very reliable. These fittings may be serviced repeatedly without the liability of damaging or wearing out the sealing surface.

Flareless fittings are less likely to develop leaks as it is not dependent on a clean burr and nick-free surface as flare (OmegaFlare) fittings are.

OmegaBite Technical Bulletin