Parallel Threads

Parallel Threads

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OmegaOne manufactures stainless steel hydraulic fittings and adapters in a variety of thread types. We offer two main categories of threads which both perform and seal differently;

  1. Straight or Parallel Threads
  2. Taper Threads 

What is a Parallel Thread?

A parallel thread fitting seals using a sealing surface other than the threads. OmegaOne manufactures three types of fittings as specified by SAE J514 which contain parallel threads. Depending on the configuration of the fitting, it may connect to another straight thread or a tapered thread.

OmegaOne product lines, OmegaFlare and OmegaBite are both parallel threads. SAE Flare and Flareless fittings are both parallel threads. In their product lines these fittings will form a union with the same type style thread (flare or flareless) or another style of thread. A common connection is to an SAE ORB (O-Ring Boss) which is also a parallel thread as specified by SAE J514.

Parallel thread fittings form a seal using a method other than the threads. OmegaFlare and OmegaBite (Flareless) form a seal using both a nut and sleeve with the fitting body. The SAE O-Ring Boss thread seals using an O-Ring which compresses between the fitting body and the port the SAE straight thread mates into. Different O-Rings are required depending on the fitting application. Consult with our sales professionals or read our O-Ring blog post.

AN Standard Parallel Thread Fittings

Though not as common anymore, you may come across a parallel thread fitting with reference to the AN standard. This standard was created during World War II to standardize the manufacturing of fittings used on military equipment. Now, this standard is similar to the SAE standard. SAE J514 fittings are dimensionally identical to AN fittings. 

O-Ring Face Seal OmegaSeal

OmegaSeal is the OmegaOne O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) product line, which is manufactured in accordance with the SAE J1453 specification. This is also a parallel thread. Similarly, to the flare and flareless fittings, face seal fittings also function with nut, sleeve and fitting body. There are two different style of sleeves used with an ORFS fitting, mechanical and braze, OmegaOne manufacturers both styles.

British Parallel Port (BSPP)

BSPP is predominant in Europe. As global manufacturing has expanded, there is more and more equipment found in the US that is manufactured in Europe and in use in the US.  OmegaOne does not stock fittings with BSPP; however, we are capable of producing this thread type and have produced this thread type.

If you have any questions about our parallel thread fittings, contact us today or view our catalog to see all of our products mentioned here that use parallel threads. OmegaOne Parallel Thread Technical Bulletin