Why Selecting the Right Metal Hose is Essential

Why Selecting the Right Metal Hose is Essential

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There are a variety of factors that one must consider when preparing to purchase metal hoses for your operating system.

Metal hoses are suitable for a variety of different applications and offer unique benefits that non-metal hoses just can’t offer. Metal hoses are able to withstand a wide temperature range and can resist permeation and absorption of materials.  A metal hose is ideal for many environments where other hoses cannot handle the temperature, environment or application that a metal hose can. It’s important to note that metal hoses are not compatible with highly caustic or acidic mediums and are not well-suited for operations with repetitive movements.

Once you’ve determined that a metal hose fits your needs, it’s crucial to identify the right hose for your system. The wrong hose selection can ultimately cost your company thousands of dollars. Additionally, selecting the wrong metal hose can compromise safety, causing bodily harm to your workers in the case of a leak or outright hose failure. The correct metal hose selection solves for these issues and keeps your process moving ahead safely and efficiently.

While there are many considerations to help guide you in your hose selection, there’s an easy way to identify the correct hose. Using the simple acronym STAMPED, you can correctly distinguish the necessary hose.

No matter what metal hose solution you go with, your operation will need to invest in braid bands to complement your hose system. Also referred to as braid sleeves or braid ferrules, braid bands are used to retain the woven braided sleeve that covers corrugated metal hoses. Braid bands also strengthen your metal hose assembly and serve as an additional layer of protection against abrasion.

Similar to your metal hose, you’ll want to ensure you select braid bands that fit your setup. Each individual hose and braid configuration needs to be sized taking both tolerance and variance into account. Selecting the correct fit for your braid band will optimize the efficiency of metal hose fabrication and enhance the aesthetics of your hose assembly.  More specifications and sizing information can be found here.

Omega One offers two different kinds braid bands braid bands, AMFM Braid Bands and AMFM Wrapped Bands. Branding can help you guard against liability by identifying our metal hose over an assembly fabricated by another company.  Without such protections, your metal hoses could be at risk of negatively impacting your bottom line, potentially costing thousands of dollars. 

Ready to complete your metal hose setup? Contact our expert sales team today to learn more about our lineup of braided and wrapped bands.