Most Common Applications for O-Ring Face Seals (ORFS) Fittings

Most Common Applications for O-Ring Face Seals (ORFS) Fittings

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O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings are tube-style thread fittings used to prevent leaks where two tubes or pipes connect. Because of ORFS fittings’ reputation as a top-sealing solution in high-pressure applications, it is used widely across environments that experience intense vibrations.

Manufactured in accordance with SAE J1453 standards, OmegaOne’s ORFS fitting is an ideal fitting for industrial and commercial equipment hydraulic systems. Made to function with nut, sleeve, and fitting bodies, as well as both mechanical and braze sleeve styles, ORFS is designed to work across numerous industries.

Here are three of the most common applications for OmegaOne’s ORFS fittings:

  1. Shipbuilding. ORFS fittings are very common throughout the naval ship building and repair industry because of their ability to provide leak-free connections for gaseous and liquid materials up to 6,000 PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge). The soft O-Ring seal prevents absorbs shock in high vibration systems while preventing leakage.
  • Petrochemical: ORFS fittings are also top performers for withstanding harsh elements present in petroleum and natural gas environment. Our ORFS fittings are manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, protecting them from rusting from highly corrosive chemicals and high-temperature weathering.
  • Off-road, construction, and agricultural equipment: ORFS fittings uphold extremely well in high-vibration environments, making them the first-choice fitting for agricultural machines, construction vehicles, and off-road equipment. ORFS fittings are manufactured to resist vibration, reduce loosening, and provide a secure, leak-free connection.

OmegaOne’s ORFS fittings can also be used in electrohydraulic, water treatment, and hydroelectric equipment, wind turbines, liquid fuel control systems, and more.

To learn more about ORFS fittings and to explore custom orders, talk to an OmegaOne expert today.