4 Common Applications for Series 43 & BW Series Fittings

4 Common Applications for Series 43 & BW Series Fittings

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Series 43 and Bite to Wire (BW) Series are highly versatile and extremely strong crimp fittings designed to work on both braided hydraulic hoses and some spiral hoses. Serrations “bite” into the wire reinforcement resulting in even hose compression, allowing your equipment to stay connected and functional under the highest-pressure environments. Because of their nearly indestructible design, 43 & BW Series fittings are an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

OmegaOne is pleased to offer Series 43 & BW Series crimp fittings in a number of sizes and designs to accommodate projects across multiple industries.

Here are four of the most-common applications for OmegaOne’s Series 43 & BW Series fittings:

1. Food and beverage.

Made of FDA-approved materials, 43 & BW Series fittings are well-suited for the food and beverage industry. These lightweight fittings won’t taint the taste or add odors to products.

2. Marine.

The durable design of 43 & BW Series fittings is ideal for the high-pressure environments found underwater. Additionally, these fittings are approved by many reputable marine organizations.

3. Offshore and Petrochemical.

Series 43 & BW Series fittings are characterized by their corrosion resistance, providing a simpler, quicker and safer hose assembly. Whether you work in the offshore oil, gas or wind energy industry, these fittings can accommodate any project and withstand extremely harsh environments.

4. Pharmaceutical.

Series 43 & BW Series crimp fittings can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry to attach medical hoses and other equipment. These crimp fittings are constructed of materials that meet industry health and safety standards. Because of their ability to maintain sterility during use, OmegaOne’s fittings are used in hospitals and medical centers across the country.

While these are the most common applications for these fittings, OmegaOne works across numerous industries.

OmegaOne’s 43 Series is suitable for R1AT, R2AT, R17, R16, 1SN, 2SN & 2SC hoses compatible with a wide range of thread combinations: JIC, NPT-NPSM, ORFS, BSP, ORBOSS, Metric and SAE flanges, that are available in sizes from 1/4” to 2”.

OmegaOne’s BW Series fittings are suitable for R12, 4SP, 4SH hoses, and are compatible with a variety of threads, including JIC, NPT-NPSM, ORFS, BSP, ORBOSS, Metric and SAE flanges, available in sizes from 1/2” to 2”.

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