3 Qualities That the Top Manufacturing Partners Have in Common

3 Qualities That the Top Manufacturing Partners Have in Common

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Running a successful business cannot be achieved without help from your partners. In manufacturing, companies partner with a range of organizations such as engineers to develop a product’s design, manufacturers to produce items, facilities to package and ship products, and resellers to expand a product’s reach.

Choosing who to partner with can sometimes be a challenging decision, especially if it’s the first time you’re outsourcing a portion of your manufacturing process. When considering manufacturing partners, there are three top qualities to keep in mind.

1. Capabilities

The number one most important quality your manufacturing partner should have is the ability and expertise to meet your standards, as this can impact every aspect of your process including your company’s bottom line.

Consider the type of partnership you are looking for and the exact requirements it will need to meet. Not all manufacturing partners are equal; each has its own unique skillsets and expertise. For example, if you’re searching for a partner that can make suggestions and tweaks to your product’s design to increase efficiency or cut costs, you need to ensure they have someone on staff that is qualified to do just that.

Once you’ve identified those requirements, it’s also crucial to inquire about a potential partner’s resources. Do they have the equipment on-hand and facility space to support your needs? What supplier relationships do they have in place to ensure your order will be completed on time?

2. Service

When narrowing in on potential manufacturing partners, it’s also imperative to evaluate the level of customer service and communication you can expect.

Your partner should be a trusted resource that makes working with them effortless and uncomplicated. It’s their job to make your life easier, not more difficult. Whether that means always being able to reach a human being on the phone or trusting your partner will personally drop off deliveries if necessary to ensure timely delivery—top-quality partners go above and beyond in the service department.

3. Experience

Lastly, evaluate your potential partner’s experience within the industry. While a newer organization may fancy, new machinery, its lack of experience could potentially negatively impact your product.

When choosing between manufacturing partners, consider asking the following questions.

  • • How long have they been in business?
  • • Have their service offerings changed? If so, how, and why?
  • • Who is their typical customer?
  • • What is their average project size?
  • • Why type of projects have they worked on?
  • • Do they have case studies you can review?
  • • What do their current and/or previous customers have to say about them?
  • • What industry organizations or groups are they involved in?

Asking these questions upfront helps build trust between you and your potential partner, and it could save your company from needing to find a replacement partner last minute.

Overall, there are many factors to keep in mind when considering a manufacturing partner. Set your business up for success by choosing those with quality capabilities, exceptional customer service, and valuable industry experience.

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